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GPS Monitoring Planned on School Buses in Tyler, TX

Texas leads the nation in finding ways to electronically monitor school children. Two schools in San Antonio are now requiring all students to carry GPS-linked I.D. cards on campus. Now Tyler TX schools want to give students a GPS card that they will have to swipe to get on a school bus so they can be tracked en route to school.  The setup costs for this and GPS monitors on the bus will be $134,000 at a time when schools are slashing so many educational and extracurricular activities, how do they spare money for GPS systems? For the story go to:

For more info on other tracking of school kids see David Rosen’s article at


Mario Koran Reports on EM Technology Failures with Serious Consequences

Journalist Mario Koran has just released a story for Wisconsin Watch on the cases of dozens of people in Wisconsin whose monitoring devices have malfunctioned, leading them to situations of severe stress and sometimes wrongly landing them back behind bars. The video of James Morgan included in the report is a powerful voice of the monitored. Visit the story at:

South Carolina man gets five years in prison for not charging his monitor!!

This from the Newberry (South Carolina) Observer on September 10, 2012:

A Whitmire man was sentenced to time in general sessions court last week after not charging his electronic monitoring system.

Joe Nathan Neal, 42, of 1935 Drayton St., Newberry, pleaded guilty to willful violation of terms of electronic motoring.

He reportedly failed to charge his monitoring system after being told to do so by S.C. Probation, Pardon and Pardon agents.

Neal was sentenced to serve five years in prison for the offense.

If you don’t believe it, here is the link:

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