The convenor of this blog is James Kilgore who spent 2009-10 on electronic monitoring as a condition of parole, after serving six and  a half years in prison.  In addition to maintaining this blog,  James is also a fiction writer. He has published three novels to date:  We Are All Zimbabweans Now, Freedom Never Rests and Prudence Couldn’t Swim. All of these were written during his time of incarceration. He has also written about his experience on electronic monitoring. Click below on the “Dissent article on EM 2012” link below to read his piece: “Would You Like An Ankle Bracelet with That?”, from Dissent magazine, Winter 2012. Contact James via email at

Dissent article on EM 2012

Other articles on electronic monitoring by James Kilgore:

“Progress or more of the same? Electronic monitoring and parole in the age of mass incarceration,” Critical Criminology, November, available at:

___________, (2012) “The Rise of Electronic Monitoring in the Criminal Justice System” Counterpunch, April 30 at: