RFID-hand-550x412In Sweden (of all places) a firm called Epicenter is letting staff “volunteer” to have chips put under their skin. The promise is that with a wave of the hand, they will be able to open security door, access the photocopier and, in the future, pay at the cafeteria. The size of a grain of rice, these chips promise to get smaller and to end up with your Mastercard and lots of biometric data which can be tracked by all kinds of folks interested in your movements, your spending habits and all the rest of the details of your life. “Wait a minute Mr. Orwell, I think there’s a problem with your hand. Can you wave it under the scanner again, please?” We are moving ahead while moving the clock back 31 years. Oh yes, and what happens if your computer chip gets a virus?

For more details on Epicenter, read this BBC story: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31042477